Welcome to Big Sky, Montana!

The Big Sky area, and Southwest Montana in general, has earned its reputation as one of the finest outdoor playgrounds in the country. No matter the season, there’s an activity to match: fly fishing, rafting, mountain biking, and, of course, alpine skiing. Spanish Peaks Mountain Club is proud to be a part of the Biggest Skiing in America® with 5,750 acres of skiable terrain.

Access to the outdoors is truly unlimited, and our visitors and residents alike are captivated by the mix of pristine wilderness and refined luxury. Our Big Sky playground is adjacent to the country’s original outdoor mecca: Yellowstone National Park, which awes visitors throughout the seasons.

People come to the Big Sky area for a variety of reasons: family trips, business conferences, romantic getaways, adventure travel, or to call this place home. No matter what brings you here, you’ll agree that the Big Sky area is a welcoming, exciting, and a stunningly-gorgeous area that you won’t soon forget.